P5/6 Rocket Science


Today was the final day of the P5/6 Rocket Science Experiment.  We had 200 seeds to plant, 100 of which have been on the International Space Station, with astronaut Tim Peake.  We are yet to find out which of the 200 seeds have been in space, but we suspect the seeds from the blue packet have been.  We think this because the percentage of these seeds alive on day 35 was lower than the percentage of red packet seeds on the same day.

Ashley – “I normally don’t like science, but this was really fun!”

Ethan – “It was fun to record everything that has happened in the past few weeks”

Mbuotidem – “Monitoring the seeds was interesting and it was cool to see the tiny seeds grow into green leaves!”

Unfortunately we cannot eat these rocket leaves, but we look forward to seeing our parsley seeds grow over the coming weeks and taking them home to try.