One Hundred Bones

We were at the Aberdeen Booked Festival at the Art Centre.  We met an author who wrote a book called ‘One Hundred Bones’.  His name is Yuval Zommer.  Yuval also drew the pictures for the book.

We listened to him read the story about a scruffy, stray dog.  The dog did not have an owner or any friends.  He dug up one hundred bones.  The bones were all different shapes and sizes, and came from a dinosaur.  In the end, the dog ended up with lots of friends.  His friends helped him move the bones to a museum.

After listening to the story, we got to draw different pictures.  As a school, we were asked to draw pictures of buildings in Aberdeen.  The other schools got to draw dogs, bones and dinosaurs.

We are looking forward to planning our own story about an animal finding something special next week!

‘It was brilliant’ – Olly

‘It was fun because we got to draw pictures at the end’ – Conlan

‘I liked it because we went on a bus’ – Nicole

‘I liked hearing the author read us the story’ – Anna Sofia