Primary 5’s amazing ‘explosively good’ assembly

Primary 5 have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot. We designed a fantastic assembly which included a drama, firework safety facts, charcoal sketches of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and a poem.

” I enjoyed doing the drama about Guy Fawkes because I got to act.” Louise

“I like sketching my drawings with chalk and charcoal”. Callum

“I learned that charcoal looks better if it is smudged.” Sophie

“I learned that there is more to the Guy Fawkes poem than I thought.” Zak

“I learned a new poem.” Leo

“I learned more about firework safety than I did before.” Abbi

“I learned more facts about Guy Fawkes history than I used to.” Dolci

“I learned that there was much more to the poem than I’d known.” Amelie

” I learned that charcoal is from burned wood.” Alfie

“I learned that pets don’t like fireworks because they make loud bangs.” Andrew

“I learned that you can draw with charcoal.” Lily

“I learned more of the Guy Fawkes poem than I knew before.” Amy S

“I learned how to use a microphone.” Ellie

“I learned about using charcoal.” Karla

“I now know all of the Guy Fawkes poem.” Sally

“I liked that I got to speak about the Guy Fawkes story.” Corey

“I learned that I don’t like charcoal.” Chloe

“I learned that charcoal is messy and stains your face.” Reece

“I learned the story of Guy Fawkes.” Aimee M

“I learned that some people do drama without speaking – called miming.” Innes