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SWAT Team Meet Up

SWAT-Meeting-111017 Monday 20th November 6pm is our next meeting. We’d love to welcome some faces following the super uptake of parent volunteers recently. Lots of Christmas Fayre planning and prep…

P5’s adventure in Haughton Park

on Monday the 26th of June Stoneywood went on an adventure to Haughton Park. First of all we went on a forest walk to collect decorations for our crowns. After…

Summer hit Stoneywood with a disco!

Thank you to all our pupils who donned their summer shorts and shades for our end of term disco! Hope everyone had a ball!

Weather Forecasts in P5

Primary 5 have been hard at work perfecting our presentation skills. We have been studying the French vocabulary and BSL signs needed to create a weather report. Here are some…

School Calendars on sale now

A handy new A4 school calendar was launched at the Summer Fayre, featuring inspiring artwork produced by school classes, teachers and the SWAT Team. It runs from June – May for…

Maths fun in the sun

P4 and P5 took their maths lessons outside in the sunshine. We were all learning about probability of outcomes which involved the children flipping coins and rolling dice to help…

Sharing Our Learning in P5

In our co-operative groups we have researched different World Religions. We enjoyed being experts and teaching the other groups about what we have learned.

Human Angles with Primary 5

We were creating human angles in Primary 5 today. Here is a photo of an 8 point compass that we made.

NSPCC Assembly

The NSPCC came to our school and told Primary 4, 5, 6 and 7 about lots of things including Childline. They talked about worries that effect kids such as abuse…

Amazing Angles in Primary 5 (Pom Poms Included)

We have been learning about angles in Primary 5. There are different kinds of angles. Acute angles, which are between 0 and 90 degrees. Right angles, which are 90 degrees….