Congratulations Amelie and Alicia Ford who completed the junior Garioch run. Well done girls!

Gymfest 2017

Congratulations to Sophie, Abbi and Louise who participated in the Gymfest at AECC.  Fantastic performances by all are available to watch on youtube.

Allotment trip

P4 had a busy afternoon at the allotment today. We were planting bulbs and bug hunting as well as collecting information for our maths lesson on Friday! The children went…

Fun with Forces

Primary 7 have been learning about Newton and his laws. We investigated if certain classroom object could be balanced with a Newton. We enjoyed experimenting with Newton’s apples. “I was…

Fun with the Vocal Animator

Stoneywood were delighted to welcome Mr Thomson, a vocal animator, to school this week. Primary 7 really enjoyed learning about rhythm, beat, tempo, pitch and the dynamics within music through…

Science Champions in P6

For the past couple of weeks P6 have been focusing on Science Champions. They have been planning lots of exciting and creative lessons for Primary 1/2. We can’t wait to…

Human Angles with Primary 5

We were creating human angles in Primary 5 today. Here is a photo of an 8 point compass that we made.

April SWAT Meeting

See minutes for all the latest on school events in the pipeline. New school calendar coming soon, fun-filled Summer Fayre, Asda Bagpacking, updated constitution and SWAT Council members… It’s all happening….

Afternoon Nursery 26.04.17

We visited Doonies Farm. The children looked for different animals, talked about what the animals looked like and fed them carrots and cabbage. Two lambs were born whilst we were…

Morning Nursery 27.04.17

The children have been learning about People Who Help Us. They were given a tour around Marks and Spencer, Stoneywood, meeting lots of staff and finding out about their jobs.